52-Year-Old Filipino Driver Makes Use of Aluminum Wires to Create Outstanding Works of Art

Filipinos are renowned all over the world for remarkable qualities. Despite the many negative comments that quite often overshadow the positive, there are definitely so many things to be proud of.

Filipinos are indeed uniquely talented and resourceful individuals. Some of them have the expertise in creating beautifully handmade products which will surely attract people’s attention.

Carlito Romanillos is one of those Filipinos who was gifted of a wild imagination in creating extraordinary handicrafts. In his every masterpiece, people can see his dedication through his very diligent craftsmanship.

A netizen named Henry Ngan posted photos of Carlito on social media where he asked fellow netizens to “like and share” the post in order to help the old man promote his work and get him sales.

Luckily, his intricate creations drew attention on the internet. Many netizens gave positive comments and praises. Some of them offered to help Carlito by purchasing some of his handicrafts and said they felt proud to see such Filipino talent.

“Magaganda ang mga gawa ni Tatay Carlito, walang katulad. Magandang pang-regalo as souvenir,” netizen Marina Bautista commented.

Carlito has been working as an on-call driver for almost a decade. The 52-year-old is separated from his wife and has a daughter who works as a call center agent.

He makes the handicrafts out of aluminum or copper wire then designs it according to his preference. He has a car, motorcycle, jeepney, bike, vintage vehicles, and other handicraft designs.

When he first started the craft, it took him six months to finish just one motorcycle. With persistent practice, he can now finish one motorcycle every week. He said he did not have any intention to sell his work at first, but when his friends saw his talent, they told him he could earn from it.

However, there are some discouragements from customers who are asking for cheaper prices. According to Carlito: “I’m selling the motor for P1,500, and they’re asking for P500.”

Some of his more intricate designs are priced P7,000. He said he uses his own money to buy the materials and that he learned the craft on his own with some guidance from the internet.

“I hope people don’t haggle too much because this is my work of art. I put a lot of effort into this. After all, I just wanted to make a hobby out of it,” Carlito said.

source: elitereaders