23-Year-Old Guy Marries 38-Year-Old Woman In Exchange for $100,000 a Brand New Ferrari and, Real Estate

A 38-Year-Old Woman Offers A Real Estate, A Ferrari And $100,000 To A Young Man In exchange for Marriage. She also offered him a real estate lot just to make sure that he won’t regret his decision in accepting him as his wife.

They were both wed in China which gets viral on social media as well as the local TV networks. A lot of people caught the attention of the two as it sprung a bit of doubt with the legitimacy of their love.

On January 9, the two of them tied the knot in Qionghai, Hainan Province. The two draws a flak from people who read about the headlines of their marriage. A news site called ETtoday told that the young man was responsible for getting the older woman pregnant and supposedly proposed marriage to her.

It has been told that the mother of the groom is one year older than the bride. The groom’s parent was a bit shock in the development of the romance between the two and doubt their relationship.

The bride already has a 14-year-old son that’s why the parents of the groom objected their marriage. But the bride was persistent for their union and settled to the groom’s parent by giving them $100,000 cash (660,000 yuan) and a real estate lot. She also gave a brand new Ferrari to his groom which made his parents agree with their decision.

A video of the two couple gets viral as a lot of netizens in different social media platforms shares their opinion about the two.

The married couple could be seen riding the brand new sports car as they waved to all of their guests. It could also be seen in the video that the bride looks wealthy as she showcased her golden necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

While some netizens pointed out the main reason behind the groom’s intention in marrying the older woman is because of her money, some people also defended them and respected their decision.

Check out the comments below:

“They both look happy. congrats! why can’t people be happy for them.. jealous?? judgemental?? what is it? not your problem.. someone is going to be a mother.. a baby is not gonna be fatherless, someone is gonna be a grandparent, and someone is gonna learn how to be a father and do the responsible thing. Money cannot buy everything, yes true, it can’t buy lesson to be responsible for oneself and those around you. It might be paved the way but it also shows how unselfish to ensure loved one is provided for.. putting others before oneself.. and learning the labor of being a parent. I am happy for them… it could have been worst.. have a baby and both utterly poor and unmarried and no money for a dowry.”

“Right? It’s none of anybody’s business! Too many nosy and opinionated people online. What happened to if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all?”

“How strange … why isn’t anyone asking this kind of questions when it is vice versa?”

“Actually I’m not surprised at all with this wedding, living in China for more than three years, have seen so much of this culture… much interesting is seeing Chinese mainlanders criticizing this couple knowing that this kind of marriage is pretty natural in China(mainland). Dating and marriages are all centered on wealth. Everyone in this country knows if you don’t have money(men) wouldn’t get a wife. Even though your loved one wants, her parent wouldn’t allow. In this case, this elder lady would not get a “handsome” groom if she hasn’t money, she has to pay for the wedding.”

Check out this video here:

23歲青年娶38歲富婆 網友熱議:是真愛

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