14 of the Weirdest and Most Interesting Jobs That Actually Exist

As kids, we’ve always been asked what we wanna be when we grow up. Some of us gave crazy answers that surely made our parents smile. But little did they know, several of what we said were actually full-fledged professions across the globe that many (even ourselves) will not believe exist.

Here, we collected the most bizarre jobs many people have never heard about. From crazy to cool to serious to silly, these professions actually make money. Curious? Read about 14 of the weirdest and most interesting jobs out there.

14. Professional Cuddler

If you happen to be in Japan and are missing your girlfriend, just shell out some cash and you get to cuddle and sleep next to a Japanese woman. Just cuddle, mind you.

13. Gold Ball Diver

If you enjoy scuba diving and being outdoors, then you are a perfect candidate for this unusual job. Golf ball divers are responsible for collecting all the golf balls from the bottom of ponds on courses. It might sound easy and enjoyable, but many ponds are actually not well taken care of, with lots of nasty mud, algae, and even snakes down there.

12. Pet Food Taster


Whoever came up with this job must be a true-blue animal lover or someone who likes to chew weird-tasting food. He must have thought animals and humans have similar taste buds.

11. Furniture Tester

As long as the furniture’s not made of cactus, this job’s pretty cool. You have to sit, wriggle and sleep on the furniture to asses its comfort. This job is so cool that it’s weird.

10. Paper Towel Sniffer

Paper towel manufacturers leave no stone unturned or unsniffed in ensuring that their rolls don’t smell foul before, during, and after use.

9. Face Feeler

Feelers work for skin care companies. They don’t produce products, but they feel the faces of people who are trying new products to see if there is any improvement. You do need some serious ability and knowledge to feel the difference, and it is a big responsibility to approve or decline certain products based on your face-feeling experience.

8. Professional Stand-In-Liner

As long as there are queues in the world, Narabiyas (Japanese for stand-in-liners) will never be out of fashion. These freelancers will happily wait in long queues for you as long as you pay them some money.

7. Water Slide Tester

This work involves a lot of playing in the water. Water Slide Testers have to check all aspects of safety and make sure these rides are absolutely safe. There’s always medical insurance for those who break a bone or two.

6. Snake Milker

Snake venom can be used for many things, but the most important is its use in medical research or to produce “antivenom.” As a result, there is a high demand for snake poison every year. Snake milkers spend their days pushing snakes into a plastic container to extract or milk the snake.

5. Body Part Model

Apparently, you don’t need to be beautiful and have an incredible body to be a successful model. If you have attractive hands or beautiful feet, the world is waiting for you. Besides, some products are also looking for ugly feet or hands. Successful body models are well paid, so there is always a way to reach your dream, hot or not.

4. Worm Picker

A simple job that requires you to be in love with being outdoors. When somebody goes fishing, they need worms, which you can buy in many shops. Have you ever wondered how the worms get into the shop? Worm pickers walk in grassy areas (gardens, parks, golf courses) after dark and pick up earthworms.

3. Stunt Tester

You’ve probably seen shows like X-Factor or Fear Factor, where one of the challenges is to eat live bugs or insects. To make sure that disgusting food is suitable for eating, companies hire stunt testers. They try obscure or terrible food to make sure that nobody will get hurt…except them. As high risk is involved, they are highly paid.

2. Nudê Model

Society has their perceptions of individuals who show their body to the world, but that’s not always a clear representation of who the people in the industry really are. Nude models set the record straight from tackling negative perceptions to self-confidence, without needing to possess a sexy body.

1. Deodorant Tester

While some have a habit of poking their noses into others’ business, these people poke their noses into other people’s armpits to test the odor-fighting powers of deodorants. Now that’s what you call a stinking job.