13 Marvelous Health Benefits of Calamansi in our Body

Calamansi was also known as Calamondin in other tropical countries; it is a sour fruit which is composed of beneficial vitamins and has properties of ascorbic acid that are very helpful to boost the immune system. It is like a small green and round shaped fruit often used for the cure of common colds, sauce, and food flavoring.

This fruit is popular and recommended by the people in the Philippines. This fruit is occasionally grown in any season, in any tropical countries and is widely refine thus it spontaneously produce during summer or rainy season. It measures about 2-3 diameter.

Consumption of Calamansi has always been a part of the Filipino culture regarding food, natural medicines, and even thirst quencher by making Calamansi juice. It is because of its versatility component which has a taste of sweet and at the same time it is sour, therefore, people are used to this ingredient for either personal use, or they will use it as their source of income because you can sell it for 10 pesos per pack.

Benefits of Calamansi to our Health, body and everyday life

1. It can decrease the appearance of acne and dark spots in the face. It is potentially composed of acidity and vitamin C that are the main factors for rejuvenating the skin.

2. Because of its tons infiltrating vitamin C, it is possible for making juice since it has a great taste, it can also give you benefits such as strengthen the teeth and prevent tooth decay.

3. It is useful for lightening of the skin, but in other cases, it can also be used as a deodorizer. An even use of Calamansi through armpits that are prone to perspiration will give you an odor-free.

4. It helps you to improve hair growth and instantly eliminate itchiness of the scalp.

5. Regular drink of Calamansi juice can protect you from kidney failure.

6. Prevent eye from getting damage and provide nutrients and vitamins which are essential for promoting a clearer vision.

7. It helps our body to lower the cholesterol level in the body.

8. Drinking Calamansi juice is good for respiratory illnesses like bronchitis and asthma and at the same time, it cures a cough and phlegm.

9. It is an excellent maintenance for the liver and at the same time it cleans the liver and helps to flush out all the toxins that can cause disease.

10. Calamansi is being used for marinade or flavoring for meats like chicken, pork, and beef.

11. Calamansi juice helps eliminate the bad smell of fish.

12. Calamansi can also be used as a stain remover for clothes.

13. After making juice, use the rest of the skin to clean the oven and sink. It takes away the grease easily.