10 Signs that Your Partner in Life Is Cheating on You

Finding out a partner has cheated is never easy, but most people would rather know the truth than remain in the dark about their significant other’s infidelities.

To catch an unfaithful partner in the act or confirm suspicions, some people even turn to the experts or private investigators who make it their life’s work to uncover hidden relationships and illicit affairs.

Here, we rounded up 10 signs that are meant to help you notice if your partner is cheating behind your back without shedding some bucks. So let us dive into the matter and hopefully, it will help you figure out whether your significant other is guilty or not.

Here are the 10 Signs that Your Significant Other Is Cheating on You

1. Acts Like a Completely Different Person

Your partner who hated exercise now can’t stop going to the gym. Or maybe weekends that were supposed to be your “couple time” have now become your partner’s “me time.” It can also be that your partner has suddenly become very sexual or perhaps has lost interest in any intimacy.

2. Avoids Spending Time with You

Having some alone time is great. We all need a little bit of time to ourselves, but it shouldn’t feel as though you’re the only one in your relationship. If your significant other either refuses to spend time with you or seems unhappy when you do spend time together, that’s a big red flag.

3. Avoids Eye Contact

The eyes really are the biggest body language “tell” in the book so they’ll feel you’re looking into their soul and spotting their guilt when you make eye contact. Expect an increase in cut-offs, i.e. looking away as soon as you look at them.

4. Excessive Mood Swings

People who cheat are often eaten by guilt, and this shows through sudden mood changes. One moment your partner might be very sweet toward you and the next thing you know, you’re accused of something you have no idea about. Cheating partners often pick fights because of guilt, and it’s also a way to get away and spend time with the new romantic partner.

5. Avoids Any PDAs

They’ll want to avoid any PDAs with you in case they get spotted by their lover.
No more arm around the shoulder or hand-holding in public, suddenly they’re walking with a gap between you, holding keys or bags in their inside hand to avoid any affectionate-looking touch.

6. Doesn’t Share As Much With You As They Used To

Remember the time when you used to share your likes and dislikes or to make plans for watching movies together? Now that seems like it doesn’t happen anymore, they don’t share that with you. It does not seem like there is much communication going on.

They keep things to themselves and don’t like to share what was happening to them at work or elsewhere. Furthermore, they seem as if they couldn’t care less about what is happening to you. They just don’t care about what’s going on in your life, they don’t care if you know what’s going on in theirs as well.

7. Checks Other People Out

According to research, a partner who disengages or devalues a passing attractive person is more likely to avoid infidelity than a partner who consistently checks out other people whenever the two of you are together. Sometimes, the impulse to check someone out is instinctual, but an obvious display of admiration for someone else’s appearance could be a sign of commitment issues.

8. Sudden Change in Appearance

People often undergo a makeover when they get promoted, reach a significant age milestone (such as turning 40 or 50), or begin a new relationship. If your partner has started wearing a new sort of underwear, buying new perfumes or cologne, or getting body-conscious all of a sudden (and not for health reasons), then you may have something to be concerned about.

9. Suddenly Became Secretive

When your partner starts changing passwords and putting screen locks on gadgets that weren’t there before, then something has definitely changed in your relationship and your partner could be hiding something.

10. Emotional Distance

Even if they’re there, they’re not there. When your partner is emotionally and physically absent, they’re stepping away from you. If all of a sudden your partner starts visiting their mother more, or goes straight to the bedroom after work instead of having your usual chat, that could indicate their attention is elsewhere.