Young Student Eat his Lunch Near a Roadside to Hide and Avoid his Classmate from Laughing at Him and His Food

In our society where the population of poor people is greater than those that are rich, it is sad to see that even though they strive to have a better life they still remain in the lowest. Others were not able to eat at least three times a day and if they eat, they might not have a complete meal as we have.

Recently, Fhieljoy Curiba uploaded photos of a young guy eating alone underneath the tree. In his Facebook account, he said that this child is eating alone outside the school premises near the street because he is hiding from his classmates.

The child is seen eating his lunch which is rice with soy sauce and vinegar. Curiba who is from Butuan City, Southern part of the Philippines, also said that when he saw the child, he opts to look for stores because he wants to buy the kid some extra food but he cannot find any.

Photo Credit: Fhieljoy Curiba | Facebook

Curiba tried to communicate with the child by starting to ask for his name, but he didn’t respond maybe because he is embarrassed with his current situation. This child according to Curiba is a Grade 5 pupil from San Mateo Elementary School located in Tungao, Butuan City.

Netizens who have seen the pictures that went viral online have shown pity for the child’s situation. In the comment section, they said that they wish that somebody will offer some help to this young guy and give him some food to eat. Some had shared that they too had experienced the same fate when they were in grade school, and sometimes they eat rice with salt for lunch!

Photo Credit: Fhieljoy Curiba | Facebook

While others also said that there are lots of people they know who also suffer the same situation and that the government should do something to end poverty and starvation.

Life can be tough most of the time, but as the years go by, it can be seen by the world that Filipinos have their way of making things light despite the fact that they are undergoing a lot of life’s challenges. Curiba also said that if given a chance he would like to meet the child again because he wants to give him some food that he might bring to school.

source: rachfeed

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