Young Boy Playing on the Street Miraculously Gets Up Unharmed After Being Run Over by a Car

An eight-year-old boy, identified as Rahesiya Mathur, had a miraculous escape after he was run over by a car while playing in his building compound in Goregaon, Mumbai, India.

A CCTV footage of the incident went viral shocking netizens and prompting police to register an FIR against the driver.

Mathur was playing football with friends at Sagduru Complex in a lane that had a row of cars parked in it. The clip shows the woman getting into her car as the children played behind, but she did not notice one of the kids who took a break from the game and bent over alongside her car to tie his shoelaces. The car then slowly reversed out of its parking spot and ran over the unaware boy.

As Mathur went under the car, it is inevitable to expect the worst for him. But unbelievably, the child emerged from the ground right after the car passed by, pulled himself up, and walked towards his friends, seemingly unscathed by the accident.

Reportedly, the boy’s friends were unaware of what happened until he told them about it before losing consciousness. His friends informed his family thereafter.

Mathur suffered a few scrapes on his knees and bruises on his head but is fine otherwise.

However, the Indian Express reported that the 44-year-old Shraddha Chadrakar was arrested by Dindoshi police for rash and negligent driving endangering the safety of others. She was later released on bail. The publication reported that Inspector Xavier Rego said that the family was only convinced to file a complaint after the video went viral.

He said: “The boy sustained minor injuries but the family did not want to file a complaint initially. However, when the video went viral, the family was convinced to get a statement.”

If there’s a single positive outcome from this incident, it’s that the boy is surely going to be tracked down by the Indian Super League. Any kid who gets run over by a car and gets back on his feet is undoubtedly a prospective midfielder in the making.

source: ladbible

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