Woman Share a Marvelous Solution on How to Clear a Dry Stuffy Nose for Babies

Most people assume that babysitting is one of the easiest jobs available for young people. It is actually harder than it looks. Being a babysitter requires you to take on different roles throughout the day – a friend, a negotiator, or a nurse just to name a few.

Babysitting is indeed tough work which involves safety, comfort, and gentleness. But what this babysitter did to this baby caught the attention of the netizens. A Facebook page shared a video wherein a young woman was shown with a baby girl sitting on her lap. The baby appeared to have a severe case of cold and what the woman did to help the baby clear her stuffed nose and breath at ease shocked the netizens.

The young woman set up the large syringe without a needle. She put the baby in the right position so she can administer it properly. She placed the syringe containing a small amount of liquid onto the baby’s right nostril then squirted it through to which a significant amount of thick mucus comes out from the baby’s left nostril. It was evident that the baby felt uncomfortable with the procedure. Nonetheless, the woman did it again several times all throughout the video.

Although the baby got a little bit uncomfortable with the process, the netizens did not fail to notice how cute her smile is and pointed out that she is a natural beauty.

When there’s not enough mucus coming out from the baby’s nose and she’s finally able to breathe without difficulty, the woman finally stopped the procedure. It seemed that she succeeded in helping the baby, yet several netizens got bothered by the method and suggested not to copy it at home.

A Facebook user even questioned how safe the aforementioned home remedy was for the baby. She worried about the baby’s wellness since the nose is connected to the eyes, ears, and throat. Moreover, the pressure from the syringe might cause more harm than good.

The video has garnered 227 thousand views as of this writing.

As a safety precaution, one must first consult an expert before trying this or any other home remedies with their babies. It’s always best to be safe than sorry.