Woman Got Panic After Police Officers Unexpectedly Came to their House to Arrest her Boyfriend

Have you ever imagined, police troops visiting your house and arresting your lover for committing a very serious crime? It will surely be a traumatic one. One woman got so surprised after reading the warranty filed for his boyfriend’s arrest

The scene happens in a small in the town in the Philippines. The neighborhood gathered around a young man who was being arrested by the police. Above everyone who witnessed the scene, the woman in stripes looks so nervy.

The man being held by the officer is his boyfriend. The police ordered the arrested man to sit still and never fight back as they read the warrant to him. While everyone is busy, his worried girlfriend is trying to call someone who can probably help them get out of the situation.

The hysteric girlfriend kept on checking on how his boyfriend is doing and convincing the officers that the accused man is innocent from the crime being charged.

However, the policemen didn’t get distracted and continue their interest. One of the spectators suggested that the scene must be recorded for documentation purposes and the girlfriend got beyond worried.

The crime being accused of the young man is still unclear, but the police officers finally handed in the warranty of arrest to the girlfriend. With a shaky hand, the woman opened the letter and got so surprised of what she read and make her tears flow. Everything was just a well-planned arrest prank.

What makes the story super; the man proposed to his girlfriend and asked for marriage. The woman was greatly moved by her boyfriend’s effort and right away forgives his man for pranking her.


There’s a lot unique way to propose for a mirage. It all differs on the time, resources and way to delivery but has only one goal, the success of all the efforts and a YES.

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