Viral Video Of Daughter That Won’t Stop Crying After Knowing That Her Father Will Leave Them For Work Abroad Again Touch the Heart of Netizens

Being apart from your family and loved ones is one of the greatest sacrifices being experienced by most of the people who go abroad and works as OFW.

Money is the main reason why people go out of the country and work abroad despite the fact that they will leave their families here in the Philippines. They cannot afford to stay here in the country because of the low salary that companies offered.

With the given opportunities abroad and high salaries, they grab it in exchange of being apart from their loved ones for a long period of time depending on the employer’s contract. The boss has abused some of them while others were lucky to find a good one.

On a video that went viral recently on the social media, the father is talking to her daughter explaining that he is about to leave the country and work abroad to sustain the needs of their family.

Her daughter suddenly became upset and started crying out loud. The father carries her daughter and sits on his lap explaining again why has to leave. The girl would not understand yet her father that is why she didn't stop on crying.

Netizens who have seen this video have shared their comments that they too have experienced the same hard feeling of leaving their kids for work especially if they are too young to understand the situation.


This is the fact that all OFW are facing every time they leave the country and go back abroad for work. Some of them are experiencing homesickness and distress if being apart from their loved ones.

That is why they also build Filipino communities in every country for them to have a support group that let them feel they are not alone and as if they were also in the Philippines. I hope that as the economy of our country grows, there will be fewer people who would go abroad to work and leave their families apart.

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