Viral Video of a Young Student Asking the Driver if She Could Pay Rags Instead of Money Captured the Heart of Netizens

It has become a norm to see children and adults alike make a living along the busy streets of Manila every single day. Sometimes, you see them selling; other times, plainly asking for alms. This goes to show how even children go out of their way to fill up their empty stomachs and survive their day-to-day lives.

Recently, a Facebook user shared her encounter with a young girl who offered to pay the jeepney fare with rags instead of money. The Facebook user said that they were on the La Forteza Subdivision, North Caloocan City when the young girl rode on the same jeepney she was on.

The poor girl asked the driver how much the fare would be going to Libis, Camarin to which the driver answered PHP8 since the girl was in school uniform indicating she’s a student. But instead of books or school supplies, the girl carried loads of rags which turned out she was selling.

Even the fare she was told was already at a discounted minimum fare, the girl still asked the driver if she could pay him with rags instead to which the kind man agreed. One of the passengers volunteered to pay for the pitiful girl’s fare, but the driver insisted and said it’s okay that she rides for free.

Likewise, the same male passenger decided to buy one of her rags. Although the girl said it only cost PHP10 each, the passenger gave her PHP20 in which the girl said she had no monetary change for. The passenger told her it was fine and she could keep the change.

Another female passenger bought a rag from the girl. She also handed her PhP20 and told her she could also keep the change. An old lady sitting next to her asked what school she was attending wherein she answered Tala High School. She also mentioned that her parents are also selling rags for a living.

The Facebook user said that she posted this real-life story to inspire everyone especially students how the girl continues to strive to study and work at the same time to support her education as opposed to the privileged who cut classes and even take a day off school out of plain laziness.

She further explained that she wanted to extend help for the girl so she could have an allowance or school supplies.

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