Viral Video of 8-Year-Old Girl Sending and Fetching Her Blind Father from Work Touched the Heart of Netizens on Social Media

Children’s should be taken care of their parents while they were at a young age. But in some circumstances, children have to help their parents in the best way they could to earn money so that their family would have something to eat on a daily basis.

This viral video of a five-year-old girl named Jenny from the Philippines shoes that she is guiding her father to work because he is blind. She is also the one in charge of fetching him once work is done.

Her father Nelson Dodong Pepe is working in a coconut plantation. Jenny stays there to assist him in case he needs something. During break time, she helps her father going to the canteen to eat and have some drink. She also uses a stick to guide her father as they walk so that he will not bump with other people.

Because of the video that went viral, a lot of netizens are offering help to Jenny and her father. According to the ABS-CBN Foundation, Nelson needs to climb 60 coconut trees in a day and earn only 300 pesos which will be the budget of the family for the whole day.

This is how they live the lives until ABS-CBN Foundation visited Jenny and her father after seeing the video on the internet.

They offered help for the family and also covers the eye check-up of Nelson in Manila. After examination, the doctor has diagnosed him with retinal detachment and retinitis.

The said TV network also said that they would help Nelson undergo on a livelihood training program which will help him gain more income instead of just climbing coconut trees.

The family will also be relocated to a safe place, and Jenny can go to work while her father works. Thanks to the people who have help Jenny and her family. They will not worry anymore about their poor living condition.

It is so nice to see that there are lots of people willing to share what they have with their fellow Filipinos who are less fortunate in life.

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