Vietnamese Immigrant Puts an End to Her School Bullies by Pretending She’s From a Royal Family

Cases of bullying targeting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is increasing rapidly. Others have been mocked for their facial features, physical stature, skin color, hair, and fashion style. Some immigrants who are not fluent in English are also bullied for being “too Asian.” The perpetrators are usually their peers and classmates.

For one Vietnamese immigrant in the United States, overcoming bullying compelled her to pretend to be royalty to deceive her tormentors.

Tina, who goes by the username, @babyvietcong, went viral after sharing her story on how she put an end to her bullies in the most clever way. She imparted the experience she had with bullies back in her elementary school days.

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"I remember when I was bullied a lot in elementary school for not really speaking English, I lied for a week abt how I was actually royalty for Vietnam and used this picture for show and tell. Got these American hose to shut up real quick and asked if I really came from famous ppl," she wrote in the tweet which garnered 44,000 retweets, 200 comments, and over 180,000 likes before it was taken down, AsiaOne reported.

Tina and her family resettled in New Jersey when she was only seven years old. She used to be an extrovert, but after feeling like an outsider in her new environment for not looking and talking like the other kids in what she described as largely "white, suburban neighborhood," she suddenly turned into an introvert.

"I would definitely not repeat my childhood if given the chance," Tina told AJ+ in the latest video the online news channel published.

She was used to being laughed at and ignored by her classmates. However, things changed significantly when she presented a picture of her dressed in a royal garb during a show and tell. Her classmates then started noticing and talking to her.

"And I said, I might or might not be from a royal family because I have a very uncommon last name. I read somewhere when I was younger that you get your last name from a royal dynasty the you come from," she said in an interview.

As it turns out, she was not alone in pretending to be part of a royal family. Fellow Asian immigrants from China, South Korea, and Bangladesh to name a few used the same strategy to dodge American bullies.

These Twitter netizens took to the comment section of Tina's post photos of their young selves dressed in royal garbs.

Image credits: Lizamelody | Twitter
Image credits: Paul Kim | Twitter

"It was a funny tweet, but the responses that I got from it was almost telling us the society that we live in where people really have to brace themselves to face similar issues or harassment," Tina noted. "I do believe that this issue goes beyond just individual cases of bullying and that it originated from a deeper societal issue."

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