This Blind Man Acted that he Accidentally Drop $1 Million of Cash on a Busy Street for a Prank

Pranks are common nowadays not just to make fun of other people but also to test their attitudes or reactions towards something especially their honesty. This is to see if, in this day and age, there are still good people who will help you without taking advantage of your situation.

BigDawsTV, started a prank wherein a blind man is carrying a suitcase full of cash. This is to test the honesty of people who pass by the street every day and also if anyone would care to look back and help this blind man while they are busy rushing to work or to their appointments. This is also to see if there are people who would take advantage of this blind man's situation.

The prank took place on a busy street where people are busy going to work. A guy posed as a blind man walking down the street carrying his luggage.

When someone passed him by, he intentionally opens the luggage which makes the cash drop off the street. This is where the real test began, the cameramen were so focused on the scene and are waiting what will be the reaction of the victim after seeing loads of cash on the street owned by a blind man who is alone by himself.

Apparently, most of the prank victims have been honest to put all the cash back on the luggage and helping the blind cross the street. But one scene is so different from the others. This homeless man seems to be the star of this prank.

After seeing loads of money being dropped by a blind man on the street, he asks if he could take a hundred bucks out of the many because he needs it to buy some food for himself. And because of his honesty and asks a favor before taking the money, he was able to get it free from the pretending blind man who is a YouTuber.

This social experiment just shows us that despite the greediness and selfishness that is crippling in our society; still lots of people are into the thought of helping others in every situation even though it involves money. They are willing to help in the best way they could when needed.

How about you? Are you one of them?

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