Sweet Moment When Chimpanzee Reunite with the Lady Who Save it After 18 Years of Separation

Most Scientists are doing their tests on animals, and these animals are more likely to be chimpanzees because they say they are close to human beings.

But this should not be done because like humans, animals are living creatures also and should not be treated as if they were alive just to be used for experiments and they should not be put on cages because they are not designed to be living in it.

This story of a friendship between human and a chimpanzee is very rare nowadays since people are more hooked on their phones rather than go out in the wild and encounter with animals.

Lina Koebner, an environmental activist, led a group to save six chimpanzees in an experimental laboratory where they were tested and is prone to be killed once they are not useful anymore.

This could be an easy task, but the problem is that these chimpanzees that have grown in the lab don't know that there is an outside world. Because they might have a problem surviving in the wild, Linda stayed with them in a large outdoor enclosure in Florida every day for four years!

Little by little the chimpanzees have been able to adjust to the new environment which makes Linda comfortable to leave them knowing they can survive without her. The goodbye she thought would be easy is a heartbreaking one. The chimpanzees have been clinging to her knowing she would leave them.

These chimpanzees have grown in number and continues to multiply after Linda was gone. Now 18 years later, Linda came to visit them. As she approached the enclosure, she saw the two original members of the six chimpanzees she saved back then.

When she approached them and asked if they know her, Dolly and Swing were greatly overjoyed and came rushing to Linda swinging a tight hug. It was an emotional reunion of a human and the animals she saved.

Being able to remember Linda after a long time means that they were very thankful to her for saving their lives.

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