Store Clerk Immediately Grab and Saves the Baby After Noticing that the Mom is Suffering from Seizure

Women are more likely to have great instincts when it came to children’s. This is maybe because they were born to take care of baby’s and nurture them.

In Arvada convenience store, one woman with a baby was approaching the counter to check out the items and pay the cashier. Suddenly, Rebecca Montano noticed that there is something wrong with the behavior of her costumer.

She paid attention to the woman because she suspected that this mother is sick and she is also concerned with the baby she is carrying in her hands.

As seen in the surveillance camera, Rebecca did not hesitate to get the baby off the mother's hand when she noticed that the woman is acting differently and her body is slowly stiffening.

She cradled the baby to prevent it from crying, and when she noticed that the woman was about to fall, she attempts to hold the woman up, but she cannot keep her grip because she is also holding the baby on her other hand.

Rebecca called 911 and reported the incident, and when they arrived, she handed the baby to other customer and helped in assistance to the woman. Both Mom and the baby were reported safe. Thanks to the heroic act done by the cashier.

This video was spread over the internet, and people are calling Rebecca a hero.

She said:

"I am a mother, I am a grandmother. It's a motherly instinct to worry about children."

After her recovery, the woman came into the store where Rebecca is working, and she said thank you for saving her life and the baby. She also told the cashier that she has seizures all her life and if Rebecca this does not act quickly, she wouldn't know what will happen to her and the baby.

Heroes don't need to were capes and have superpowers to save other people. You can be a hero by just simply offering help to those people who need it immediately.

credits: Facebook/NowThisNews

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