Parents Carrying their Kids on their Backs to Cross a Narrow Bridge and a Dangerous Fast River Current Just to Get in School

Education is a weapon to change the world as Nelson Mandela once stated. Moreover, it is one of the biggest steps one can take toward ending extreme poverty.

Although access to education is claimed to be a right, it is clearly not the case for many children across the world. Not everybody has access to the same level of education.

There are children in other countries who wish they could go to school, but instead, are forced to work to help their parents out. There are also those who wish to go to school, but the importance of education in their country is overlooked.

Despite the hurdles and hardships in life, poor parents strive to send off their children to school as education is something that no one can take away from them.

Recently, a video showing how some people go through difficult times just to attend school went viral online.

The footage captured a couple carrying their two children each on their backs. The kids seemingly range from 4-5 years old. Both of them were wearing school uniforms and carrying small backpacks.

The place looked like a rural area surrounded by plants and trees. The bridge ahead of them appeared to be a huge but steep metal pipe, accompanied with ropes and other sturdy strings that served as railings. The weather was quite stormy when the video clip was taken.

The man struggled while making sure that the kid on his back would not fall off. Beneath them was a wide river with strong currents caused by the wind and anyone falling had no guarantee to survive. The scenario was nothing short of terrifying.

Inch by inch, they attempted to cross to the opposite side of the bridge. When they got midway, the man seemed to lose his balance and had to reposition the kid so they could continue walking. He was clearly struggling to keep his balance that he had to switch places now and then.

Unfortunately, they realized that crossing the bridge was too much of a risk, so they had no choice but to go back instead.

Many students don't understand just how lucky they are to be attending school. Some students go to school to learn, and there are others who take school as a joke.

The footage reminds us never to take education for granted as it is in fact, a privilege. While some are busy complaining about school, many children would love to take their place if only given a chance.

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