“Mystery Solved” Man Who Allegedly Steals Woman’s Undies in a Small Sitio of Guimaras Already Identified After Caught on a CCTV Footage

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo (KMJS); a tv show in the Philippines aired during Sunday nights, always have a “tea” to spill to their viewers. They feature contents showcasing Filipino culture and traditions and everything that goes into trend in the country. They also include topics that are controversial and are mysterious that leaves the viewers questions about certain topics.

Recently, KJMS featured the unsolved case in the small sitio of Quiling in the province of Guimaras. The case is about the missing women’s underwear that suddenly disappears.

Some of us may find it funny about missing underwear, but to the victims, it’s a very serious mystery that needs to be answered. Women of all ages are the victim for almost 18 years.

In the interview, they stated that every underwear they left hanging on their backyards overnight, magically disappear but lately the missing ladies’ underwear were found buried on the ground.

They discovered 80 pieces of dirty ladies’ underwear covered with mud. They have no single idea if who’s the person behind this crime. They even suspected a mythical creature doing this.

“Kawatan sang panty sa Guimaras!

Sa loob ng 18 taon, misteryosong nawawala ang mga panty sa isang barangay sa Guimaras. Hanggang sa kamakailan lang, nahukay ang mahigit 80 piraso ng nawawalang panloob sa isang kawayanan. Tao nga ba ang may gawa nito o elemento?! #KMJS”

In connection to this KMJS feature, was a video of a man grabbing ladies’ underwear which was hanging in front of their houses gone viral. The identification of the man in the footage was not clear and doesn’t show any information about him. The netizens who saw the viral video quickly assumed that it was the man behind the missing ladies’ underwear in Guimaras.

Carefully looking the video, the man seemed to be observant on the surrounding and checking if someone is still around, taking a perfect timing to do his thing. Then he sneaks out to where the underwear is placed, grabbed them, smelled them and hurriedly run away.

The identity of the man in the viral video isn’t still sure. But most of the social media users extend their care to the victims of the crime and assumes that the person behind it is under a mental disorder.

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