Monkey Brothers Separated by Captivity For a Long Time Were Adorably Reunited

When an invitation to a reunion shows up, your first instinct may be to toss it in the trash. After all, it is an awkward gathering that most people would rather shrug off than join in.

However, these two monkey brothers gave reunion an adorable spin by sharing almost every human emotion upon seeing each other. The back-story behind their reunion is rather a sad one to reminisce.

Reportedly, the brothers were rescued from captivity. For unclear reasons, the monkeys got separated when they were taken in by different non-government organizations.

Luckily for them, the rescuers realized eventually that the two needed to be reunited. When they finally met after a lengthy separation, their reaction was nothing short of magical.

Both of the little monkeys had to be taken in for rehabilitation after spending most of their juvenile lives in captivity. Although they have gone through countless ordeals, it is possible that the two have always gotten each other’s back.

When it was finally time for the reunion, the brothers couldn’t contain their excitement. They didn’t waste any of their time and instantly hugged each other tightly in delight of being reunited. It didn’t even bother them that their adorable meeting was being filmed.

Not only did the two embrace each other, but even kissed almost as humans do.

On the other hand, several netizens were highly concerned about the whereabouts of the chimps’ mother. There is a possibility that the two were victims of animal poaching and were taken from their mother by force. Young chimps were reportedly sold at a fair price, which is probably the reason as to why the brothers ended up in captivity.

Although it remains vague as to where the monkeys will be taken next after the reunion, people are relieved that they are in good hands and will finally be together for the next years of their lives.

Annually, thousands of young chimpanzees are traumatized by a barbaric trade wherein poachers massacre adult chimps so the young ones can be taken into captivity. It is indeed a stroke of luck that the brothers were rescued and sheltered by the NGOs.

With this story and the monkeys’ declining population, may it be a reminder to humans that these species do not do well in captivity and are best left in the wild where they truly belong?