Mind-Blowing Video Shows 9 Months of Life Inside a Mother’s Womb

“Where do babies come from?” It’s the haunting and age-old question that parents dread to hear from their children. That is perhaps why there have been so many tales to describe the miracle of childbirth.

Sure, that’s an easy way out to share with your children, but it completely skips out on the absolutely beautiful miracle that is the creation of life inside a mother’s womb.

Everyone began their lives inside a womb. Everything about you – including how tall you would be, what your gender would be, the colors of your hair, skin, and eyes were all determined at the time of fertilization by information on the DNA.

A chromosome from your father's sperm determined whether you would be male or female. If an X chromosome is present, the baby is a girl; if a Y chromosome is carried by the sperm instead, the baby is a boy.

You grew in the protection and comfort of your mother's womb month by month until the big day of your birth finally arrived. But did you ever want to see what exactly happens within the nine months that lead up to birth? Many of us know the entire process though it is extremely difficult to visualize in our heads.

This incredible video shows what happens from the time of conception to the birth of the baby in a mere 4 minutes! This is a computerized, fast-paced, and accurate review. Actually, it is a window to the womb!

In the video below, we get to witness the entire process of life being created inside a mother’s womb from the fertilization of the egg, to when the embryo becomes a fetus, to when the baby can begin to open his or her eyes and become aware of voices.

Truly, childbirth is arguably the noblest gift on Earth. We can even say it’s a miracle! The video is a great reminder of just how precious life is. So how can one spend his/her life vainly after going through such a miraculous process?!

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