Man Received Praises from Netizens on Social Media After Caught on Video Giving His Shirt to a Homeless

It is a becoming a “normal” thing to see on social media videos of crimes, humans torturing animals, road rage, and other evil methods men are capable of daily. Many even claim to be on the brink of losing their faith in humanity. If you are one of them, this one for you.

This cell phone video of a man on a New York City subway circulated around the globe touching millions of hearts.

Joey Resto, a 23-year-old Brooklyn resident, was on his way home from work when he noticed a shirtless passenger on the A train in Washington Heights shivering from the cold. Temperatures in the city were around 45 degrees at the time.

Other passengers were sitting a few seats away from the man due to his foul odor, but Resto went straight to him and immediately took the shirt off his back and the hat off his head to give them to the man. Not only that, he even helped him put the shirt on.

Resto said, "it was freezing that night. He looked cold and hungry."

"He looked so old and frail. I had to help him, or he would not put it on", Resto added.

Unbeknown to Resto, another passenger caught his small act of kindness on video and posted it on Facebook. It has since gone viral and spread across the world.

"I thought, wonderful thing he did because we have to help others in need", says the mother of Resto's girlfriend, Annie Martinez.

"The fact that he gave clothes off his back so they could be warm, I thought was pretty great", said Resto's girlfriend, Yanisleidy Martinez.

Resto also invited the homeless man to his apartment to give him a few more clothes and have something warm to eat. But as soon as he got the hat and the shirt, the man curled up and dozed off to sleep.

Resto wishes to inspire people around the world to help those in dire need.

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