Loving Parents Surprised Their Son with a Brand New Car for his 18th Birthday

The 18th birthday is generally acknowledged as the legal age of adulthood shedding one’s minority status. It’s the time on which many cultures bestow young people with most of the rights they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

In the Philippines, 18th birthdays are a grand celebration. For girls, it is called “the debut.” While others opt to celebrate low-key with friends and family, some parents take this first big birthday of adulthood into a chance to splurge for their children.

One Filipino teen recently went viral after his parents gifted him a brand new car for his 18th birthday. Naturally, a lot of people couldn’t help but feel a little envious with the lad after receiving such a luxurious present from his parents.

Facebook user, Maybhelyn Dela Cruz, shared the video of her younger brother's birthday party in which their parents brought in a dapper tuxedo cake.

The young man blew the candle out as their family and friends sang him a happy birthday; after which the teen was told to pull out the "Happy Birthday" cake topper revealing a long line of PHP20 bills. Everyone burst out laughing at the little prank.

The celebrator was asked what he wanted for his birthday, and he confessed that he wished to have a car. Sadly for him, the end of the roll didn't have any car key.

Instead, it held a photo of a red car. The teen sportingly laughed at the prank and showed the photo of his "brand new car" at his sister's camera.

Little did he know that an actual car, a brand new one, was waiting for him just outside their house! As he was still laughing over the prank, his dad handed him a car key to a real unit.

The young man couldn't contain the tears of joy as he accepted the car key and hugged both of his parents. It took him a few moments to finally compose himself together and get inside of the car where he cried once more, overjoyed that his birthday wish was surprisingly granted.

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