Ingenious Filipino Created World’s Smallest Flying Car to Address Metro Manila Traffic Congestion

Could Metro Manila’s severe traffic congestion be any worse being ranked by the global firm, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), as fourth of the worst traffic in Southeast Asia? With Thailand as the first, Bankok as the second and Indonesia’s Jakarta as the third, Philippines rank as the fourth who has the worst traffic global.

This unfortunate circumstance that commuters are ought to endure for an average of 66 minutes daily inspired a Filipino to come up with his own brilliant idea which could possibly be the fix to this long overdue problem in the Philippines.

Kyxz Mendiola, a founding member of Philippine All-Stars, singlehandedly pioneered an ultralight aircraft called “Koncepto Millenya”.

This idea of a flying vehicle occurred to him six years ago, but it was just recently that it finally came to life. Moreover, the very first test flight was also administered recently wherein the prototype was successfully flown eight meters from the ground.

Admittedly, Mendiola took the inspiration from drone technology, thus the physical similitude. Koncepto Millenya is technically a huge variant of a commercial drone which can only accommodate a single person. Mendiola wielded materials which are commonly used in aircraft engineering to build it.

The prototype is fully powered by batteries which allows it to fly in the air for a span of 12-15 minutes. It initially resembled a hoverboard more, but all through its 6-year development, Mendiola said that the prototype has evolved into a drone-like vehicle finished off with a driver's seat.

Mendiola aspires his invention to become the flying version of Lamborghini, be mass-produced, and turn into a commercial vehicle once it developed into a two-seater model.

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