Impressive Baby Attempts to Come Down From His Bed With a Clever Method

Many parents especially first-time ones want to protect their children as best as they can. It’s an instinct. They assume that their child is needy: they must be protected from every possible harm, fall, injury, bruise, cut, scrape, hurtful moment and so on.

Since some accidents happen in just a blink of an eye despite childproofing and safety efforts, it is not surprising that parents tend to get overprotective with their kids to the point of obsessing over their safety.

They adopt the so-called "helicopter parenting" where they become overly involved in their children's lives and do anything to their advantage. As a result, children grow up being less open to ideas and opportunities.

While it's perfectly understandable that the nurturing instinct sets in, we also need to realize that without the opportunity to learn, learning will not happen. It is through hardship that a child learns to fight, grow, and understand life. If we always save our kid from the hostile world, we never allow them to develop on their own.

Watch this video of a baby attempting to come down from his bed as an accurate example of how kids have the potential to survive when given a chance:

Parenting is an art of balancing and to master it, you need to accept the fact that you're only human just like your child. Let them learn through observation and real experiences: make mistakes, fail, get hurt, and become smarter in the process.

It can be almost painful to take even the smallest chance of danger to give your child some space to try new things. The thought that you might be able to somehow prevent them from feeling pain is an alluring prospect.

But these little defeats or victories will add up over a lifetime to create a confident, self-assured person who isn't afraid to make himself/herself vulnerable in order to grow.

Needless to say, to raise a healthy child that will gradually grow a backbone and become self-sufficient, we need to let them go and face the world.

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