Hilarious Moment Drunk Man Woke Up Being Blind and Can’t Stop Crying – A Prank Done by his Friends

0A lot of people admitted that they could barely remember incidents that happen when they are in a deep drunkenness. So when this happens to a friend or family, they became the target of a joke or prank which is the most common term they use when they make fun of others.

One incident that gone viral in the social media is a guy who just woke up in a deep sleep after being drunk and found out he got blind and was injured because of an accident.

He was fixing himself and was trying to up in complaining about his bad headache due to a hangover. He is also complaining about why he cannot see anything or even open his eyes and make a blink.

His friends were there beside him helping him manage to at least sit down because he cannot see at all.

Meanwhile, one of his friends is filming the moment and making sure all his actions and reactions are being captured for documentation.

According to his friends, his eyes were hit by a sharp object that is why he became blind. After hearing stories of his friends which are all made up only, he became hysterical and started crying out loud.

While he was still crying one of his friends started to tell him the truth. He says all of it was just a joke and that no accident happened and he is not blind at all!

The prank victim stopped crying and tried to pull off a plaster that hinders his eyes to see. After doing so, his eyes were a bit red already and he ranted on his friends asking why they did that thing to him.

On the other hand, netizens who have seen his video being posted on the social media had made it viral by sharing it and doing lots of comments.

Some say that this should be a good example to others who are into drunkenness and be careful next time so that they will not become the victim. Some also said that they too were being fooled by their friends while they were drinking together.

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