Heroic Labrador Leap into the River to Save Two Other Dogs Stranded in a Canoe

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. When they see the danger, they think nothing of their own well-being and instead focus on helping others in their time of need.

Humans aren’t the only ones capable of heroic feats. There are some lesser-known heroes in our midst as well. Take dogs, for example. When the situation calls for it, some of these four-legged warriors go above and beyond their call of duty.

A video of this black Labrador from Springdale, Arkansas who saved two of his buddies that got stuck in a canoe in the middle of the river will definitely impress you.

For unknown reasons, two dogs had gotten themselves stranded on board in a flowing river with the canoe drifting at a rapid pace. Scared and terrified, the two unfortunate pooches started to panic.

It is typical to hear or watch plenty of dogs fetch balls or sticks from the ocean, but this one fetched a boatload of other dogs!

They barked and whimpered for help. Without a thought for his own safety, the courageous Labrador named Robbie sprang into action and began paddling furiously towards the canoe.

Amazingly, when the black Lab got near enough, one of the dogs took the rope he found in the canoe and placed it on the outside. Robbie grabbed the rope attached to the front of the vessel in his teeth and pulled the craft to shore with all his strength.

Some words of encouragement from Robbie's master can be heard in the background saying "keep going, boy - bring him home." He could have lost his canoe along with two of his dear dogs if it wasn't for the brave Labrador courageously jumping into the river.

However, several YouTube users have posted questions over why the humans did not help and wondered if it was only a training exercise.

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