Heartwarming Video Shows Traffic Cop Giving an Old Man a Piggyback Ride Across a Busy Street

In today’s world where corrupt men in uniforms particularly skalawag cops are everywhere, it is a fresh of breath air to see a police officer staying true and going beyond his oath.

A CCTV captured this traffic cop giving an elderly man a piggyback ride across a busy intersection in southwest China’s Sichuan province.

The police officer has since been praised by many and inspired his colleagues. His kind deed is truly something we don’t get to see every day.

In the footage, the elderly man who relied heavily on a pair of walking sticks started crossing the road with other pedestrians who shortly got past him. Before he was even halfway across the lane, the lights turned green, and traffic slowly resumed around him.

Luckily, a policeman on duty who was later identified as Qin Weijie came to his rescue.

Upon seeing the old man stranded midway, Qin immediately approached him and carried him on his back across seven lanes of traffic as several cars paused to let the two pass.

In a further footage, it appeared that the duo rested in the middle of the road before resuming to cross lanes of traffic moving in the opposite direction.

"The road was quite busy with a lot of cars. I was afraid that he (the elderly man) might feel unwell if I walked too fast. So we rested a bit in the middle and continued," said officer Qin.

The heartwarming scene was caught on surveillance camera at the junction near Sanhui overpass at Mianyang in Sichuan province. The incident occurred during rush hour in the morning.

The footage was then shared on Mianyang Traffic Police Brigade's official Weibo account, a Chinese social media platform. Web users commented that they felt proud for their police officers.

"Mianyang police are the best! The officer is so nice to help out the elderly," said one of the users.

Another one wrote: "The drivers were all so patient too! None of them drove straight away and waited behind the lights."

Kudos to this helpful cop, our faith in policemen is once again restored.

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