Heartwarming Video of Auckland Commuters Giving Way to a Crossing Mother Duck and Her Ducklings During Rush Hour

As animals travel in search of food, water, or shelter, they sometimes wind up on highways. This is one of the biggest; unexpected dangers drivers can face while traveling putting themselves and the animals alike at great risk.

This heartwarming story of a family of ducks caught by The New Zealand Transport Agency on one of its traffic cameras will definitely give you a new perspective, away from the damage brought by yearly roadkills.

Commuters on Auckland’s Northern motorway near Tristram Ave. were rushing to get to their destinations shortly before 8 am when they noticed a mother duck trying to cross the jam-packed road with her ducklings trailing closely behind her. The family hoped to make it through the road safe and sound.

The commuters from three lanes of the traffic showed their good road courtesy and consideration towards the feathered animals by coming to a halt to let them pass. Unbelievably, the drivers did not think twice about pulling their brakes off and patiently waited for the ducks to safely cross the motorway.

The ducks moved at a reasonably quick pace but hit a wall and were stuck until police assisted them off the road. Reportedly, some animals cross the motorway occasionally, and police have been called out from time to time to escort them off.


The heartwarming scene has certainly touched thousands of hearts around the world as many give their praises to the commuters for taking some extra time in their daily commute.

Even though it happened during the morning peak period where almost everyone is in a rush to reach work on time, the commuters did not behave selfishly even if it meant being caught in a traffic snag. Besides, it was absolutely not easy to notice the greyish feathers of the duck which looked almost similar to the road.

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