Heart Melting Moment When Andean Condor Visits the Man Who Rescued and Nursed It Back to Health as a Way to Thank Him

We mostly hear and see beautiful and inspiring stories of grateful dogs and cats who were rescued, sheltered, and nursed back to health by big-hearted people on and off the internet. Apparently, this kind of stories does not end with canines and felines alone.

This time around, it is a rare story of an Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus), world’s largest flying bird, expressing its appreciation to the man who has rescued it from a serious injury.

These species of birds are commonly found in South America, particularly in the Andean Mountain region. They are in great number in Argentina and Southern Chile while dropping low in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela which make sightings significantly rare.

One typical day somewhere in Nuequén province in Argentina, an Andean Condor found itself in trouble following an agonizing foot injury. The injury was unbearable that it prevented the bird from flying which is crucial in searching for food and finding its way home.

Luckily, a compassionate man stumbled upon the injured bird and brought it home where he nursed it back to health.

After fully recovering from the injury, the bird was now ready to fly back home and the man did not think twice about letting it free.

Nonetheless, the Andean Condor does not fail to remember the kind act that the man showed to it from a long time ago.

To repay his kindness and express its unceasing gratitude, the Andean Condor occasionally flies back to the man's home for a visit.

The bird greets him, behaves gently like a domestic dog, and lets the man caresses its head.

The heartwarming scene has touched millions of people across the world as they are sincerely amazed by the strong bond the two share towards each other.

Besides, something as magnificent and wild as an Andean Condor acting like a domestic pet is not something we get to witness on a daily basis.

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