Grateful Octopus Pay Respect and Gives its Thanks to the Man Who Saved it from Being Beached Before Going Back to the Sea

There are lots of incident in the sea where animals are being captured for food or just for fun. This is a common thing that happens almost every day.

But this one incident that went viral is a different one. One day Pei Yan Hang was walking on Cyrene Beach in Portugal when he saw an octopus being beached and gasping for air.

It is full of sand over his body and could not go back to the waters because it lacks strength. When Pei approached the barely surviving octopus, he did what is best to do like a Good Samaritan.

Pei immediately finds something that could hold the octopus and just his bare hands because he was afraid he might hurt it. He then found a piece of a plastic cup on the beachside and he immediately scooped the octopus out of the sand and run to the waters. He slowly pours the surviving octopus on shallow water. It is barely breathing!

Pei took a video of the octopus after it is put back in the water. The video shows that it is slowly recovering from being beached and the sands are now removed from its body having its brown like color come back.

Its tentacles ante slowly stretching one by one as if it is doing an exercise. Pei was happy that he is able to save the life of the octopus.

He is so grateful to see as it moves its tentacles that is more lively now. He is about to leave the octopus when it slowly reaches his boots and put its tentacles on it as if he is patting a back of a friend saying "Thank you for saving me!". It took a while before the octopus removed the tentacle and went back swimming into the deep part of the sea.

It was a heart-melting scene! How lovely it is to see such an act of gratefulness. Pei is grateful to see he saved the octopus but the octopus is much more grateful that Pei comes across the beach and saw him barely surviving.

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