Girlfriend Stayed With Boyfriend Despite His Sickness and Makes His Remaining Days Memorable

A couple’s usually undergone challenges in their relationships. As part of the wedding vow, couples say to each other to stay in sickness or health and in richer or in poorer. Sad to say but not all couple were able to make it until death parts them.

In our liberated generation, it is really hard to stick with our partners and not be tempted especially in times of challenges and hardships in our relationship. But this girl who went viral recently showed us once again that love can conquer any sickness. She has been posting updates of her relationship with her boyfriend who is sick.

Attitaya Chumkeaw had a boyfriend who is diagnosed with a terminal eye condition. But despite this reality that her boyfriend Pooh Chokchai Kaew will no longer live that long, she did not leave his side, but instead, she tried her best to make their moments together happy and memorable.

From being a handsome guy, the face of Kaew changes but this did not stop Chumkeaw from loving him. His both eyes began to swell and look so different from the usual.

Though the couple was not yet married, Chumkeaw showed how much she loved her boyfriend. She could easily leave him with his parents, but she insisted to take care of her boyfriend as long as he lives.

Chumkeaw has been sharing photos of them in her social media account. One of the pictures shows that they are celebrating their third anniversary and she prepared a cake for her boyfriend who is just lying on the bed because his condition got worst.

The doctors have said to Chumkeaw that her boyfriend’s condition will no longer be treated, but she still stood beside her boyfriend and kept the love stronger each day. She is also in charge of the personal care of his boyfriend.

Despite Kaew passed away, Chumkeaw was fulfilled because she was able to make her boyfriend happy until his last breath. This story is a living proof that true love still exists and there are still people out there that has a pure intention in loving someone.

source: rachfeed

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