Girl With No Arms Left The Audience In Tears With Her Amazing Performance

Perhaps once or twice in your life, you have encountered a disabled person with an amazing set of skills or an incredible talent. If not, you have seen several for sure on social media or national TV.

Persons with disabilities are now referred to as differently abled. Such persons no longer drown in self-pity, but rather stand proud and go on with their lives utilizing the best of what they’re given with.

This extraordinary girl who joined Romania’s Got Talent bagged the golden buzzer which sent her straight to semi-finals as she left the crowd and the judges impressed to tears by playing the piano and singing her heart out! What’s the catch if you may ask? The girl suffers from congenital amputation – she’s completely armless.

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Lorelai Mosnegutu, a 14-year-old girl with no arms, is winning the hearts of many people around the world with her stunning rendition of A Million Stars by Luminita Anghel.

Following Lorelai's birth, her biological mother abandoned her upon learning that she has no arms. She was then adopted by a social worker when she heard about her story on TV.

Growing up very different from the rest of her peers was indeed difficult for young Lorelai. As a matter of fact, she did not speak until she was 3 years old and could not walk until she was 4.

After she learned to accept her fate and the life she was bestowed with, she started doing everything she could with her own two feet. Now, she can use the laptop, play the piano with her toes, and even paint with them! She has also written several books.

When Lorelai first set foot on the stage of Romania's Got Talent, the jury and the audience obviously felt sorry for her and initially judged her by how she looked.

As soon as she started singing, the whole crowd including the judges were left speechless. Even though the video is not in English, you can tell exactly what's happening from the looks on their faces.

The moment Lorelai sat in front of her keyboard and opened her mouth, everyone was in awe and was lost for words.