Funny Moment Kid Brings Her Mommy’s Rocket Ship Toy in Class for Show and Tell

One of the teacher’s activities in school to help the kids participate in talking during class is the famous “Show and Tell”, where kids are advised to bring their favorite toy, pet or their impressive artwork and discuss it in class together with their classmates.

This helps the kids to be more comfortable in public speaking and be able to express themselves in the way of talking.

But one incident happened where a young boy has brought none of those mentioned above examples. Instead, he brings ber Mommy's toy which he called a 'rocket ship'!

Mr.D, the teacher of the class had been traditionally doing the "Show and Tell" activity in all of his classes, and when the boy had brought the rocket ship of his Mom, it reminded him that this wholesome recreation will not always go as planned.

He is doing a video of the said activity to document the progress of every student. In the video, a little girl started by showing a frame and telling something about it. When she was done, Mr. D called the next participant.

He called Philip who happened to be holding something unique in his hand. The young boy stood up while holding a suspicious thing. He started by saying, "This is the rocket ship of Mommy." And because Mr.D have known what that thing is, he immediately said thank you to Philip and told the young boy to have a seat, but he is so enthusiast in sharing more.

He also told the whole class that when the thing is turned on it buzzes like a real rocket ship.

He continued to play with the thing approaching Mr.D and said: "Look our Sir, it is coming in for landing!". Mr. D then swatted the thing off the boy's hand, and the classmates grasped thing their teacher might have broken the toy.

What a hilarious moment! So Mommy's out there be very careful to watch over your children because you'll never know what they might discover.

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