Chinese Students Forced to Smash Their Phones After Being Caught Using Them In Class

We are all very familiar with teenagers who absolutely must have the latest smartphone that is taking the world by storm.

Since teens are very intertwined in social media, they see their phone as an essential ingredient for maintaining a healthy social life.

Recently, a video of Chinese middle school students smashing their smartphones after being caught using them in class has circulated on social media. This incident has sparked discussion among netizens who have watched the clip.

The incident happened at The No. 2 Middle School of Dao County in Yongzhou, Southern China's Hunan Province on September 4.

In the video, two male students, He and Liao, smash their phones against the floor in front of their classmates.

When the first student didn't smash hard enough to cause damage, the teacher, surnamed Xiong, is heard telling to "pick it up and smash it again."

Apparently, the two were also humiliated prior to destroying their phones, being forced to read out loud the harm of students using their phones in front of the class.

The school reportedly imposed a very strict ban on using mobile phones around campus with a zero-tolerance policy. Local education bureau claimed that the two students had been caught playing on their phones during an evening self-study session.

Xiong, who teaches politics, claimed that the students "offered" to destroy their phones to show their resolution to study harder.

Unfortunately for Professor Xiong, the school headmaster ruled out that he had violated regulations of the ministry of education stating that the way he dealt with the situation was "inappropriate." As a result, he was punished with a payroll deduction.

Netizens heavily criticized the cruel disciplinary action:

"This teacher is insane."

"Is it voluntary? The first student looked at the phone screen before smashing it the second time. It was obviously very distressing."

"Is this a joke? The teacher ordered him to pick it up and smash it again. This is not voluntary."

"Listening to the teacher's voice, I can tell this is not voluntary."

"This teacher could have confiscated the phones and notified their parents instead. Why destroy private property?"

The school then pledged to polish their management methods concerning the use of mobile phones among students.