Black “Kung Fu” Bear Shows Off Some Mad Kung Fu Skills with a Wooden Stick

The animal world is full of predators and nightmarish creatures including enormous and aggressive bears, but how would you react if they start learning Kung Fu?

A viral YouTube video of a moon bear showing off some mad skills with a 5-ft long bo staff has garnered an opposite reaction of such fearsome reputation.

The said bear clearly knows how to work with a stick, spinning it around his paws, head, shoulders, and even tossing it up in the air before catching it. People are left wondering if he’s been watching Kung Fu Panda and jokingly question whether the real dragon warrior could actually be a moon bear.

The video was reportedly taken at the Asa Zoo in Hiroshima, Japan. The moon bear initially looks extremely bored as it wanders around its enclosure. However, it notices a large stick that resembles a bo staff and immediately picks it up.

Onlookers were fascinated with what the bear planned to do with its new toy. It silently sat down and began spinning the stick in its arms and even used its hind legs to keep the plaything thoroughly balanced.

The bear’s amazing ninja skills didn’t just stop with the spinning of the stick. It also decided to throw it up in the air and catch it before spinning it some more.

He seemed to like showing off while going through his routine. People were greatly astonished by how smart the bear was. Several wondered if the zookeepers trained the bear or if it learned the trick on its own. Others even made a wild guess that it must have been rescued from a circus before ending up in the zoo.

These Asiatic black bears display distinctive, yellow crescent-shaped markings on their chests that stand out against their dark bodies, hence their nickname “moon bears.”

The Asiatic black bears might look scary but they are mostly herbivores. One of the major threats against this species is relentless poaching of both adults and cubs for their body parts to supply illegal trade. The black market price for these is high, and enforcement is difficult.

Their bile with high concentrations of Ursodeoxycholic Acid (UDCA) as their natural protection for their liver and to prevent gallstones and illnesses during the long hibernation is reputed to cure everything from bruises to cancer. Moreover, their bones and fats are made into libido-enhancing tonics and hangover cure throughout Asia.

The moon bears are currently listed as “vulnerable” or endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). However, if the shown bear teaches its kind some incredible Kung Fu skills, they might actually learn to fight off the people who pose as threats to them.

Watch the full video below:

Kung Fu Bear- Unedited Footage(NOT FAKE!)-ORIGINAL