Angry Guy Challenging Anyone Who Passes in the Middle of the Road for a Fight, Gets Instant Karma After Soldiers Chase him

There are a lot of reasons why something goes viral or trending online. Most of them are videos or photos that may contain hilarious subject or content for entertainment, knowledge or some are just rants and crazy people doing undesirable acts.

And here’s a couple that gets a lot of attention from the netizens because of the ‘’digital karma’’ hits them back.

There is this tough guy along the street who’s ready to fight to anyone who pisses him anytime and anywhere but, what him until he meets his kryptonite and be sorry.

The video was not a full start to end coverage of how it started, but we can see that this guy standing in the middle of the road is ready to start a fight to anyone and turn them down the ground.

With his presence of being a monster in the road make a traffic jam because of other drivers stopping before getting close to the mad guy. Since the guy is so heating up, there’s a chance that he might destroy all the vehicles passing near him with the shovel he’s holding.


There’s this tricycle (a motorcycle with an attached sidecar is a common means of transportation in the Philippines) just decided to take a U-turn after seeing the guy blocking the road.

Just when the guy holding a shovel thought that no one is brave enough to fight him, there are these two trucks loaded with fully-armed soldiers suddenly stops in front of him.

All the soldiers went down from the truck to the mad guy, pointing all his rifles to him. Without the guy’s attention, the soldier witnessed everything that happened because they were just behind the guy all the time.

After seeing all the riffles and soldiers in front of him, the mad guy got into his consciousness and ran away. Everyone’s fear from the mad guy rapidly changed and started laughing to the runaway ‘’tough’’ guy.

Maybe he’s not that tough as he thinks he was.